Rotavators Fixed

Dear all,

Thanks for the sterling efforts of John Vickers we have both the small and large rotovator working again.

The ground is very hard at the minute so please you use the rotovators with care. Please don’t use them on un-dug soil until we’ve had some rain.

Small rotovator

We are waiting for some parts but John has attached  the depth bar with a nut and bolt, where before there was a pin and clip, so please use it like that until we get the parts (see JPG 3541 above) Please check when using it that the nut doesn’t work loose when in use. Also keep an eye on the choke sometimes this works loose and you’ll need to push the rubber grommet back into the housing.

Large rotovator

large rotavatorAgain we are waiting on some pins that have worked loose and got lost. John has manged to condense the rotors down so the machine can be used, but at the minute it doesn’t have the two outside rotors on but works fine but at a narrower working width. John has also replaced the transport wheel at the front of the machine so it can be moved in and out of the shed more easily and to your plots.

One of the reasons pins and clips are being lost is that people are not clip them down securely. We have produced a video (see below) to show how to secure the pins and clips properly.

There is a funnel for fuel in the allotment shed which has a filter in, please try and use this when putting fuel in the machines to save getting any grit or debris in.

Best Wishes Chris

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