Potato Challenge 2021 – Final Results!

The village picnic was the ideal venue to hold the weigh in for entries to this year’s potato challenge  (who could grow the biggest weight of potatoes from one tuber in a standard bag).  This was made more enjoyable by the appearance of our local Member for Parliament and Chancellor, The Right Honourable Rishi Sunak, who took great interest in the weigh in.

There were entries from villagers, allotment holders and children. Winner of the adult section was Bob Scorer with 3.7 kg and Tobias Harrison won the children’s entry with 0.8 kg

Bob Scorer                              3.7kg

John Cherry                             2.52kg

Roger Pybus                            1.7kg

Liz Davies                                 1.56kg

Margaret Ward                      1.5kg

Sarah Ward                             1.26kg

Will Pratt                                 1.24kg

Miek Scorer                            1.22kg

Carolyn A                                1.18kg

Tim Cresswell                          1.06kg

Richard Zealley                       0.86kg

Bridget Vickers                       0.76kg

Ian Dawson                              0.68kg

Sid Nye                                    0.66kg

Joan Walker                            0.62kg

Janice Powell                          0.60kg

Andrew Powell                       0.50kg

Child Entry

Tobias Harrison                    0.80kg

Surplus produce was sold from our stall with monies raised being split between the village and the allotments

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