NovemberIt’s cold, it’s wet, and it gets dark pretty quickly in November, but that’s no excuse to skulk around indoors! You get the occasional dry spell when it’s crisp and clear – the perfect opportunity to see your garden in a very different light. Now is the time to plant out garlic and early onion sets, as well as using the space to grow on winter greens such as kale and savoy cabbages. If you’re storing veg overwinter then keep checking for any signs of rot or mildew, especially if the weather turns particularly damp.

This is also the time to start planning next year’s gardening exploits, so at the end of the day, put your feet up and start ordering your seed catalogues, planning your veg plot, and thinking about new and exciting ways you can bring even more colour into your garden. While it might be difficult to motivate yourself to get out and about in the garden during the wettest part of the year, here are a few tips to keep you busy in the garden during November.

  • Sowings can be made outdoors of broad beans can also be sown now but must be given the protection of cloches.
  • Continue planting suitable varieties of garlicuntil the middle of the month.
  • Overcrowded clumps of chive can be lifted and divided. As this is such a useful herb for garnishes and flavouring all year round why not grow small clumps in pots on the kitchen windowsill
  • Protect outside crops with fleece, which can also act as a barrier to garden pests as well as providing some frost protection.
  • November is also the perfect time for reflection of what did well in the garden (and what didn’t) and the ideal month to start making plans for next year.