MayMay is one of the best times of the year to be in the garden.

You ought to take extraordinary care to weed out your garden all the time. On the off chance that you don’t, this can rapidly turn into a major wreckage. Since May frequently carries with it an awesome measure of rain, these weeds rapidly develop and hurt your harvests.

It is the month when excessive care must be given to the plants as they start to germinate, and leaves start to grow, chop off any affected leaves if any. If there is any kind of trouble, then it is the right time to let you’re your allotment group know so we can try and help?

Some of the thigs you should be looking at could be

  • Beetroot and spinachcan be thinned out at this time.
  • Earth up potatoes by using a hoe to pull up the soil when they are approximately 23cm (9″) high.
  • For extra support use a hoe to place soil up around the base of the stems of broad beans.
  • If weather conditions allow, runner and french beansraised under glass can be planted out towards the end of the month.
  • Seeds could also be sown outdoors at this time under cloches. However, for an early crop sow two seeds per deep pot in the greenhouse or on a windowsill, thinning out to leave the strongest seedling for planting outside in late May or June.
  • Marrowcourgetteand sweet corn could be sown in the greenhouse and also outdoors at the end of the month, into early June.
  • There are also a number of other subjects which may be sown either outside or under cloches during early May including broccolibrussels sproutscauliflowerkalepeaslettuceradishspinachand swede.
  • However, should soil conditions be cold and wet, delay sowing. Should weather conditions still seem uncertain, take precautions to guard against frost especially at night by placing garden fleeceover emerging crops such as potatoes, covering cold frames with either polythene or sacking, and young plants that are in the greenhouse can be covered with newspaper.