MarchAre you ready to tackle four seasons in one day? We are into March, when the garden wants to start really bursting into life but those late frosts and even a sudden cold snap can put everything back a week or two. Expect sunshine in the morning, rain at lunchtime, and snow in the afternoon as the seasons turn from winter into spring. By the end of the month, everything should be well underway, and the worries of a return to the icy depths of winter should quickly recede.

  • March must be one of the busiest months of the year, but thanks to those clocks going forward at the end of the month, there’s more time in the evenings to get those jobs done.
  • Winter digging may not have been completed by gardeners who have heavy soil due to the amount of rain which fell during autumn and beginning of winter, therefore, as conditions begin to slowly improve any opportunity available may have to be taken so that any outstanding preparations can be finished.
  • As long as the ground isn’t too wet and soggy early sowings can be made by warming up the soil prior to sowing using cloches or fleece which will help to ensure good seed germination results.