JuneIt’s finally summer! June sees the start of lazy summer days (including the longest day on June 21st), a garden in full bloom, and warm, dry weather that will encourage you to get out and about much more. Well, we say ‘lazy’ summer days – it’s anything but that for gardeners! There’s a huge amount to do in the garden in June, especially the veg plot, which needs constant attention if you’re going to get the most out of your harvest in August and September.

  • During this month, the focus should be on proper maintenance and harvest. This month, it is suggested to harvest during the cooler periods of the day like during the early morning or after sun sets.
  • In the early part of the month you can sow beans, melons, cucumber, peas, spinach, and summer lettuce. You can likewise begin setting out peppers and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ensure that you plant your seeds in dry soil and plant one vegetable every month. Spare the end of June for celery and cabbage.
  • You ought to prune tomatoes and cut the abundance foliage from them.
  • Amid the month you ought to likewise best dress the majority of your yields with manure.
  • Beetrootcarrotsand lettuce rows can be thinned out and further sowings can be continued. Remember smaller crops will be produced when over-crowded sowings are made, and any unwanted seedlings should be carefully removed.
  • Protect carrots from carrot flyand cabbages from caterpillar damage by covering the crop with fine netting or fleece
  • When digging up early potatoes take care not to pierce or damage the tubers.
  • Keep the greenhouse well ventilatedduring the day as temperature fluctuations caused by quite hot temperatures in the day, then going cool at night could very well affect tomato plants fruiting. Also tapping the flowers of greenhouse tomatoes will improve pollination.