JulyIt’s the height of summer, the bees are busy and so are gardeners! From sunrise to sunset, the garden is going to demand a lot of your time in July, as we’re into the heart of the growing season. There shouldn’t be a spare inch available on the veg plot. However, it does mean that our garden rivals are active too, so it’s a continuous battle against the weeds and bugs that are just as keen to tuck into your courgettes and tomatoes as you are!

  • By this time you should water in the early mornings so that the water does not get evaporated. Harvest as much as possible.
  • If you are growing onions they should not be allowed to go short of water as this will affect the size of crop. Should conditions be dry it is advisable that the plants are watered once or twice a week and do keep the weeds down.
  • Remove side shoots on tomatoes and stop the plants when 4-5 trusses have been produced. Feed regularly with a high potash liquid fertiliser. Do not allow plants to dry out as this can lead to blossom end rot.
  • It will soon be time for harvesting second early potatoes, therefore, to make sure the potatoes have developed into a good size just examine one of the plants and if they are still a bit on the small size leave them a little longer but remember to water regularly every week.
  • Regularly pick runner and french beans and courgettes to encourage further cropping.
  • Surplus strawberry runners should be removed by cutting them close to the plants.
  • Protect fruit bushes from birds by placing netting over them but remember to check daily making sure no birds are trapped.