FebruaryHowever, even though it’s cold and those evenings haven’t quite stretched out much past 5pm yet, there’s plenty you can be doing to get ahead of the mad March rush in just a few weeks’ time. Pop on a woolly hat, don your wellies and get started on some February jobs around the garden.

  • Bear in mind that February is the time when you’re at the greatest risk of really cold snaps,
  • Where early sowings are going to be made, it is a good idea to warm the soil up by a few degrees, approximately two weeks prior to sowing cover the soil by using a single layer of polythene or fleece. By doing this it will quickly encourage germination and establishment
  • It may prove beneficial for large or small areas to use a clear sheet of polythene, held in place by either bricks or lengths of wood, to be placed over the soil. Keeping off any heavy rain, ensuring the soil remains dry. As time permits, the sheeting could be folded back, the soil dug over and the sheet replaced – this is particularly helpful when soils are heavy clay. If you are short of time, another solution may be to cover the soil with compost or manure, and then as spring approaches lightly fork into the surface which will prepare the soil for planting.