AprilThe garden is really getting into its stride in April, and Easter sees the real transition into the warmer, sunnier days. You will see a massive amount of activity in the garden this month, things are beginning to pick up a pace once spring and April have arrived. April is mostly a warmer month so it’s important to take care of the plants during this month, watering properly is something you should focus on during the month, it is very unpredictable weather so one must make sure that the plants do not dry up otherwise they will be damaged.

  • Early sowings outside may prove difficult due to the cold and wet soil at this time, therefore, by warming up the soil of prepared areas with cloches it will protect from frost and rain.
  • It is ideal to leave the cloches in place for at least two or three weeks when the soil can be raked prior to seed sowing and planting out of young seedlings. Replace the cloches giving the young plants a good start.
  • Now is the time to look at sowing direct carrots, peas, beetroot, winter cabbages, broccoli, salad crops and much more.
  • If frost threatens then pull some fleece over your potato foliage, plant onion sets when the soil is dry.
  • Make sure you’ve considered ordering or buying your tomato plants.
  • If any rhubarb flowers appear then cut them out near the base as otherwise, they will steal food and energy from the plant.