Scruton Allotments Association

Scruton Allotments Association was set up in 2007 to establish an allotment plot for village residents. The aim of the association is to provide affordable plots so tenants can grow their own produce, and also through social events, competitions and educational events, encourage and help people to grown their own produce.


Latest News

Allotments – Spring 2021

By Chris Snell | February 27, 2021

At last it is warmer and drier and I see a few people have made a start down at the allotment. I’m going down this morning.

Flooding at the allotments

By Chris Snell | January 30, 2021

I attach photos of the terrible flooding we are experiencing again at the allotments. This is caused by flood water from Ham Hall Lane not draining properly, flooding the cricket pitch, tennis courts and the allotments.

Greenhouse on offer

By Chris Snell | January 19, 2021

Janet Crampton who lives in Scruton has a greenhouse she would like rid of. It’s a standard 8 ft x 12 ft, aluminium and glass and it’s all intact.