Scruton Allotments Association

Scruton Allotments Association was set up in 2007 to establish an allotment plot for village residents.

The aim of the association is to provide affordable plots so tenants can grow their own produce, and also through social events, competitions and educational events, encourage and help people to grown their own produce.


Latest News

Potato Challenge

By Ian Powell | August 22, 2021

This year as a bonus we are incorporating our event with the Village Picnic to be held on the playing field (In lieu of the normal village fete).

Coffee Grounds

By Chris Snell | June 5, 2021

Gemma Dobson has kindly given us some used coffee grounds from the café where she works.

The Annual Potato Challenge 2021

By Chris Snell | March 29, 2021

The Annual Potato Challenge is back by popular demand, to see who can grow the biggest weight of potatoes from one tuber grown in a bag.

NVS talk this week: Hydroponics Tuesday 30th March 2021

By Chris Snell | March 28, 2021

The NVS talk this week is on growing crops hydroponically.